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View Record  910.03 Jews in Remote Corners of the World Cowen, Ida
View Record  947 Jews in Russia Greenberg, Louis
View Record  947 Jews in Soviet Russia Since 1917 Kochan, ed.
View Record  937 Jews of Ancient Rome, The Leon, Harry
View Record  909.04 Jews of Arab Lands, The Stillman, Norman
View Record  943.6 Jews of Austria Fraenkel, Josef
View Record  975.676 Jews of Charlotte, The Speizman, Morris
View Record  943.7 Jews of Czechoslovakia for Hist.of Czechoslovok Jews
View Record  943.7 Jews of Czechoslovakia Jew.Pub.Soc.of America Soc
View Record  947.5004 Jews of Lithuania: a history of a remarkable country 1316-1945 Greenbaum, Masha
View Record  972.04 Jews of New Spain, The (Mexico) Liebman, Seymour
View Record  947.0049 Jews of Russia: their history in maps and photographs Gilbert, Martin
View Record  Jews Of Silence, The
View Record  943.6 Jews of Vienna 1867-1914, The Rozenblit, Marsha
View Record  949.7004 Jews of Yugoslavia, The Freidenreich, Harriet
View Record  914.7714 Kiev- 1980- A Travel Guide Levitsky. H.
View Record  929.1072 Langescheidt's Pocket English/German Dictionary German/English Dictionary
View Record  947.004 Last Jews of Eastern Europe, Strom, Yale
View Record  LDS Family Search Outline Latter Day Saints
View Record  920.0092 Library Catalog of the Genealogical Society of Broward County Gen.Soc.of Broward County
View Record  947.93 Life Is With People Zborowski, M.
View Record  942 London Goldsmiths, The Heal, Sir Ambrose
View Record  942.15 London's East End: Point of Arrival Berman, Chaim
View Record  362.732 Luckiest Orphans of New York: The:History of the Hebrew Orphan Asylum Bogen, Hyman
View Record  975.26 Making of an American Jewish Community: History of Baltimore Jewry, The Fein, Isaac
View Record  943.91 Maramarossziget: Hungarian Hebrew newspaper 1959-1969
View Record  977.31 Maxwell Street: Survival in a Bazaar Berkow, Ira
View Record  944.06 Medieval Jewry in Northern France Chazan, Robert
View Record  741.7 Miniatures -Silhouettes of Early Am. Jews London, Hannah R.
View Record  914.7652 Minsk-1980 A Guide Andrukhovich, Anatoli
View Record  387 Morton Allen Directory of European Passenger Steamship Arrivals
View Record  929.1072 My Generations: a course in Jewish family history Kurzweil, Arthur
View Record  909.0974 My People- The Story Of The Jews Abba. Eban
View Record  296.03 New Jewish Encyclopedia, The (1962) Bridger, David
View Record  Box 15 New York
View Record  301.364 New York Jews and the Quest for Community Goren, Arthur
View Record  Box 16 Newsletter of the Jewish Genealogical Society of Philadelphia Chronicles
View Record  Folder NYC Cemetery Locator
View Record  943.7 Old Bohemian & Moravian Jewish Cemeteries Ehl, Parik & Fiedler
View Record  974.723 Old Brooklyn in Early Photographs, 1865-1929 Younger, William Lee
View Record  947.004 Old Country, The Shulman, Abraham
View Record  974.71 Old New York in Early Photographs, 1853-1901 Black, Mary
View Record  Our Parents' Lives: the Americanization of East European Jews Cowen, Neil
View Record  296.38 Palm Tree of Deborah, The Cordovero,Moses benJacob
View Record  387.243 Passenger Ships Of the World Past and Present Smith, Eugene
View Record  962 Pharaoh to Farouk Jarvis, H.Wood
View Record  940.0492 Piety and Perseverance: Jews from the Carpathian mountains Dicker, Herman
View Record  973 Pilgrims in a New Land Friedman, Lee
View Record  978.004924 Pioneer Jews: a New Life in the Far West Rochlin, Harriet
View Record  943.8 Poland and the Minority Races Goodhart, Arthur
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Records: 151 to 200 of 255